pic_of_theresaTeresa is thrilled to offer professional counseling services here in the Kootenays. As both a creative arts therapist and a practising mixed media artist, she has known art as both an aesthetic expression and a healing ally in creative living. The completion of a MPS-AT (Master of Psychotherapy and Spirituality-Art Therapy) degree at St. Stephen’s College, University of Alberta, has enabled her to answer her spiritual calling to share her passion for the arts while serving her community as a professional mental health practitioner.

A closer look at the curative aspects of creative arts therapy:

  • Art images provide an authentic mode of communication when words are difficult.
  • Creating art and exploring different media techniques builds self confidence and teaches us a sense of mastery and self-discipline.
  • Art making within a safe facilitative environment promotes growth and change.
  • Creative arts engage all of the senses and relax the nervous system.
  • Image making and creative writing answer our innate longing for connection, acknowledgement and acceptance.
  • Art making in all its forms encourages us to explore, play and imagine a new story.
  • Creating an image or writing a poem is empowering by virtue of experiential creative expression
  • Every creative act brings to the forefront the interrelationship of psyche and soul.