Art Therapy Blog

By: Teresa Knight

The Star Thrower

TK Blog: June 15, 2020     Three months into the pandemic finds Covid19 has taken a sudden back seat to the prevailing news story: “Black Lives Matter.” All media—including local newspapers, radio broadcasts, television or internet reports—are saturated with pictures of outraged people marching in protest citing disproportionate police brutality against Black Americans and people… More

Paying Attention

Stardate: 17th day, 5th month, 2020       Paying Attention      Simultaneously as pandemic restrictions are loosening, signs of spring are exploding all over our country. Wildflowers are erupting, birds are serenading, and the glorious sun is warming our faces from its new height in the sky. In the Kootenays, the balsamroot or “sunflowers” as they are… More